Do you know?
"Of the Showa era, the comfort of the Japan times.
Enjoy natural warmth in the hearth.
There can be asleep while basking in the Sun, "on porch".
And the mind and calming earthy aroma "DOMA".

Do you sprawled it out and rubs on the mat?
Have you felt happy in the comfort of the wind blowing through the House?




Private bath with hot springs galore!
Sai-no-Sato is a private spas traditinal building.
Please use without disturbing anyone, came to the grandmother's home.
In your name please prepare the original nameplate.
"Right now-" regular customer said, will come back to irori.

"彩里 irori ".
Tell the time here is that Japanese people's happiness.

Wake is a letter left by the mother. It is in 0/1989 mother has already died, but was been the original hot springs, was to write for 30 years in the future.
"To everyone who is active in the 0/2018. In the original moisturizing now comes spring. At the time you read this letter I think being in heaven. Will be crowded at this time, the original hot springs visited many urban customers. Hope to thrive on the power of your original moisturizing. "

That is now true mother I don't know, but to me,彩里In that seemed to encourage the birth mother's silent majority.

Now I never 5/2018 as company officers, work such as graphic designers, commercial property consultants has been that彩里The operation enjoys sports primarily. Golf, baseball, and swimming. It is love which is not good. Like I said, the trouble is love sake. Occasionally,彩里The seat customers and alcohol together let you can be.

Luckily彩里The more of our customers often visit. "Right now-" for such words, use your second home will be very happy.

彩里Is not a glamorous memories of cheer. However, "Showa, Japan time", if time flows slowly for country life enjoying only want when your visit.

Life time once the achromatic color, such as lotteries in mind or not washed?