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Introduction of old private house "Irori" of private hot spring, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Do you know?
"Of the Showa era, the comfort of the Japan times.
Enjoy natural warmth in the hearth.
There can be asleep while basking in the Sun, "on porch".
And the mind and calming earthy aroma "DOMA".

Do you sprawled it out and rubs on the mat?
Have you felt happy in the comfort of the wind blowing through the House?



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"Banjo no Taki" The impression of "Seriously!" is the fall cloth you see up close... Why do people admire the waterfall as a "waterfall of ambivalence"... / About 5 minutes by car from Ayari

Accommodation Plan A
1Night・2~5 people
~Enjoy the extraordinary in an old folk house~

Accommodation Plan B
2~3 nights, 2~5 people
~Relaxing in hot springs for 2 or 3 nights~

Accommodation Plan C
4~5 nights / long-term stay plan
~ Cheap! Plenty of country life experience ~