Invited to Taiga Drama Museum

"Kamakura-den 13 people, Taiga Drama Hall" opens in Izu!
You will receive an admission invitation ticket.
2022"13 people of Kamakura-den" began broadcasting on NHK on January 9 of this year. Have you seen it? Actor Shun Oguri is starring as Yoshitoki Hojo! Does that mean that Mr. Ogura was filmed on location in Izu...?
The place associated with the Hojo family is the town next to Ayari, in present-day Izu no Kuni City. The "13-person Taiga Drama Hall of Kamakura-den" will open there (January 15, 2022 ~ January 15, 2023). Admission is charged, but for Ayasato guestsFree Ticketswill be awarded. However, limited to the first 50 people!
Why don't you stay in Ayari and relax in the hot springs and hearth of the Showa era, and then go back in time to about 840 years ago?