Ayeri Diary 2004.9.20 My favorite is still the bath.

Ayari Diary "I feel like I'm coming to my grandma's house ..." In Ayari and irori, there is a "Ayari Diary" that customers can draw freely. Each customer records their thoughts and experiences they stayed with, and spells it out as their own memories and as a message to those who will be using it next. This introduction is the first Ayari diary after the opening of Ari. Please take a look! <2004,9"Both> the house and the land are now slow lifes. It was a nice place to be relieved. My favorite is the bath. I entered six times in two nights. I wish I had such a bath for myself (I also entered the mood version recommended by my husband). In addition, futons, kitchen utensils, toiletries, etc. were clean and comfortable to use. Gap of wall board, wood door and window, black pillars, retro electric hat, hearth and earthen floor ... I felt that I hope that all of this real good old house will continue to be used carefully forever. I stayed here for two nights and three days this time, but I would like to stay on a course for one week. I feel like I'm coming to my grandmother's house in the countryside in the distance, so I go sightseeing in Izu and relax for a day. I would like to come again even in such a usage. Ikabana, furnishings, and nameplates... I felt the consideration of the master on both sides of the device full of playfulness and the facilities which thought about the stayer including the washing machine. Thank you very much. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

My mother's heartfelt message

Message to convey my heart My mother passed away after dreaming 30 years later. This letter was written by my mother in 1989 with the dream of a future 30 years from now. At that time, volunteers from this area (Haraho And Warabo) of the father's time decided to dig hot springs burning in their dreams. It prospers to mother as "Town of the hot spring" immediately. And, it seems to have held hope. It's been 32 years since then. Now, I renovate my parents' home where my grandparents, parents, and siblings lived and grew up, and I run an old private house called "Ayari irori". This letter was the trigger. It starts with my mother entrusting her dreams for the future to young local people. My mother's true intention may have been a message to me. This was also written in the letter. "Yunomachi, Haraho will suddenly become famous and people all over Japan will come to hot spring trips, and I ask you to work hard for young Haraho and squeeze out good wisdom and play an active part in the development of Haraho". My mother passed away on May 29, 2003. Unfortunately, I couldn't see Harayasu 30 years later. And soon the 18th anniversary of his death will come. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.