My mother's heartfelt message

Heartfelt Messages
My mother passed away 30 years later.

This letter was written by my mother in 1989, dreaming of the future 30 years from now.
At that time, volunteers from this area (Harabo and Warabo) in my father's time burned with dreams and decided to dig a hot spring. To my mother, it immediately flourished as a "hot spring town". He seemed to have hope.
It's been 32 years since then. Now, I am renovating my parents' house, where my grandparents, parents, and siblings lived and raised, and running an inn in an old folk house called "Ayari / Irori". This letter was the catalyst for this. It all started when my mother entrusted her dreams for the future to young people in the community.
My mother's true intentions may have been a message to me.
The letter also said: "It will become famous as a hot spring town and a hot spring town, and people from all over Japan will come to visit the hot springs.
My mother passed away on May 29, 2003. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the original insurance 30 years later... And soon the 18th anniversary of his death will come.