Ayeri Diary 2004.9.20 My favorite is still the bath.

Ayari's diary "I feel like I'm at my grandma's house..."

Ayasato and irori have a "Ayari Diary" that customers can draw freely. Each customer records their impressions and experiences of their stay, and writes them as their own memories and as a message to the next user.
This is the first Ayasato diary after the opening of Saisato. Please take a look!

<2004,9, 20 Haru, Kyoko>
"Both the house and the land are now a slow life. It was a nice place to relax. My favorite is still the bath. I went in six times in two nights. I wish I had a bath like this for myself.
In addition, futons, kitchen utensils, toiletries, etc. were clean and comfortable to use.
Gaps in the wall boards, wooden doors and windows, shiny black pillars, retro electric shades, hearths and earthen floors... I felt that it would be nice if all of this real good old house would be used and preserved for a long time to come. This time, I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days, but I still want to stay for a week ~ long course. I feel like I'm at my grandma's house in the countryside far away, and I go sightseeing in Izu or relax for a day. I would definitely like to come back even if I use it like that.
Ikebana, furnishings, and nameplates... I felt the husband's thoughtfulness on both sides of the playful gimmick and the equipment that considered the guests, such as the washing machine.