How to spend

"Relaxing & Hot Spring Sanmai in Izu"
This is, by any chance, happy.

Don't do anything and relax with a hot spring (sect)

A hot spring that does nothing.
彩里Then you can enjoy as many hot spring baths as you like when you like. The hot springs are Harabo Onsen. Because it is a heated type, it is 100% hot spring without diluting! It is pleased when your skin becomes smooth.

彩里Enjoy Izu based on (sect)

彩里Enjoy Izu based on!
If you go a little further from Ayari in the middle of Izu, you can encounter various charms of Izu. Speaking of Izu, Joren Falls is famous,彩里The waterfall of Banjo near is also quite powerful. You can also enjoy a tour of the nearby Wasabida River and the cherry blossoms of Mt. Ōmuro a little further.

Grass BBQ beer garden with views of the mountains

Have a good time with your loved ones on the lawn overlooking the mountains!
彩里A lawn square spreads out on the site right next to it. Depending on you, it will be a beer garden at the barbecue venue. A set of barbecue equipment can be borrowed free of charge.

Sit on the veranda and enjoy pottery with shichirin

This is truly a luxurious time unique to old private houses! !
彩里In, you can enjoy the stool pottery on the veranda. If you bake it in shichirin, anything is Umay! Please experience. "Veranda" It is a charm unique to old private houses.

Because it is self-catering, it is Umai! There's fun

Because it is self-catering, you can eat what you want.
彩里Meals at the 2010 meals are self-catering. Please enjoy your favorite dishes with your favorite ingredients to your heart's content. Please use a slightly larger kitchen. Tableware and cooking utensils are available in one way. Please bring ingredients, seasonings, wraps, etc. The host made it with great pain.彩里We will serve rice for the number of people.

彩里The Oyaji Sake Talk Party

Umay sake is more fun than drinking alone! You think that "彩里It is suitable for the Oyaji's sake talk party"! (laughs)
landlord's青田 守弘(Morihiro Aota) is the only valuable person in the world. Let's drink together!