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In IzuCountry living experience of the Showa era To
Please relax.

彩里" is an inn of a hot spring old private house where you can enjoy a rural living experience in Izu.
Country living experience like going to Grandma's House, nostalgia and the Izu mountains will make your stay different than usual.

While moving the arrow image in the Interior of the Inn!

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Atmosphere invites stimulating conversation where people gather around the hearth and different from usual. Selection of pottery and pot liquor are exceptional.

Hot spring bath
Keep (warabo) hot spring. It is not diluted with water is heated so that 100% hot. To size the two get along is just I ICIS.

Outside the hot spring bath garden
Small garden located outside the bath.

Wrapped in the scent of soil, dirt floor in time. It is just the time of the Showa era.

Young children are sure to race here. And adults, Yang wrapped up to take a NAP, reading and listening to music.

Tatami-mat room
彩里There are 2 rooms with 8 tatami mats and 2 rooms with 6 tatami mats. Sometimes there are customers who are used by more than 10 friends.

Massage machine
Yang massage in Marin. The best! It's nice. Free of charge.

It is spread a little kitchen. Equipped with basic kitchen utensils, fridge, dishes, pots, rice cookers, microwave oven etc. Would be greatly appreciated if you have condiments, ingredients, saran wrap, for the time being self catering is available. Rice will present local rice brought up the host.

Automatic washing machine
It is convenient for washing for a long stay. Detergent is also available.

Please feel free to. (Wi-Fi)

Audio player
This is the music you can listen to audio player. Stock records, so enjoy the music.

It is a pot. But is the toilet. There is probably only one toilet in the world!

Barbeque square
Lawn Garden barbecue in nature, is the best! Tool free rental. Coal will be paid.

Beer Shiba
In a place like this! Happy no matter what you try.

Light truck (AT) one
I rarely ride's truck. Free rental. Please reciprocate us fill up with gasoline.

2 bicycles
Free loan of bicycles (2 units). Please use it to get to the neighborhood or countryside cycling.

Aluminum bottles
Tetsubin (Kettle), not rare aluminum bottles. You cannot actually use as exhibits.

You cannot actually use as exhibits.

Chest of drawers
I love this is. Open not close smoothly, I'm lame, but dumb love out there, I feel.

Houses have recently decreased. Pleasant shadow with a soft light pouring in through the sliding doors. But good children do not puncture holes.

Treadle sewing machines
It is a riccar sewing machine antique. You cannot actually use as exhibits.

Facilities & Amenities

Owner of "Saisato"

Wake is a letter left by the mother. It is in 0/1989 mother has already died, but was been the original hot springs, was to write for 30 years in the future.
"To everyone who is active in the 0/2018. In the original moisturizing now comes spring. At the time you read this letter I think being in heaven. Will be crowded at this time, the original hot springs visited many urban customers. Hope to thrive on the power of your original moisturizing. "

That is now true mother I don't know, but to me,彩里In that seemed to encourage the birth mother's silent majority.

Now I never 5/2018 as company officers, work such as graphic designers, commercial property consultants has been that彩里The operation enjoys sports primarily. Golf, baseball, and swimming. It is love which is not good. Like I said, the trouble is love sake. Occasionally,彩里The seat customers and alcohol together let you can be.

Luckily彩里The more of our customers often visit. "Right now-" for such words, use your second home will be very happy.

彩里Is not a glamorous memories of cheer. However, "Showa, Japan time", if time flows slowly for country life enjoying only want when your visit.

Life time once the achromatic color, such as lotteries in mind or not washed?